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Hello, welcome to Blazing Tails Dog Training! Here's some of what what we're all about:

My balanced, relationship-based approach to dog training will drastically change the way you and your dog communicate and engage with one another. I believe dog training is teaching owners how to communicate and understand their dog better. I have a ton of passion for canine companions and for educating their owners about safety and the importance of advocating for, trusting in, and communicating with their dog in every day life. I'm looking forward to making life for you and your dog that much more enjoyable!



Sierra Elsmore

Hello! My name is Sierra and I am the owner, trainer, and founder of Blazing Tails Dog Training (previously known as K9 Adventure Academy). I have been running my business for almost two years now but have worked with pets and their owners for over 8 years. I started my business a few years ago, working under the mentorship of another professional dog trainer, David Herbert with Canine Karma Training (who's been in the business for 10+ years). I take pride knowing that I am changing the lives of my clients dogs each day just be being open to problem solving and adjusting my training based on the needs of the dog in front of me.

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